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Baney Electrical Services
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Baney Electrical Service can help you save energy and money on your lighting. We specialise in the installation of energy efficient LED lighting systems for residential, commercial and industrial clients throughout Alice Springs and beyond.

Our team consult with you to design the right lighting system for your needs. We pride ourselves on being able to effectively install lighting that ensures efficiency and optimum output without excessive running costs.

The team at Baney ensure:

  • The correct output is selected to suit the requirements of your property
  • The angle of the beam is conducive to your working or lifestyle requirements
  • Installation of high-quality products to deliver great performance for years to come
  • Energy efficient product selection for affordable running and maintenance
  • Low heat generation from installed lighting
  • Fantastic after-sales service for all clients

To discuss your LED lighting needs with one of our qualified Alice Springs electricians, please phone us today.

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