If the power supply to your home is simply not meeting your demands,c ontact Baney Electrical Services. We can carry out a full assessment on the size and layout of your home, before recommending appropriate action. In some cases, you may require an upgrade to 3- phase power, while some other homes may only require an upgrade to the supply connection. Our electricians will explain their recommendations to you in plain English and can guide you through the process.

TV & Phone Points

Baney Electrical Services provide complete wiring and outlet installations for your home. We can install new TV points, or move your current TV point with minimal damage and disruption. Our technicians can also provide complete cabling solutions for your data and phone point requirements. Our installations are fast and affordable, so contact us to arrange a booking today.

House Rewiring

Regular maintenance of the home’s electrical system is essential for the safety of your family. In some cases, the wiring of your home may no longer be safe or effective for your needs. If you are concerned about the condition of your home’s wiring, our electricians can perform a thorough inspection. Ongoing electrical problems are a sign that all is not well with your current wiring.

Baney Electrical Services provide comprehensive rewiring for homes in the Alice Springs region and down to northern South Australia.

New House Wiring

At Baney Electrical Services, we guarantee safe and efficient wiring for new homes. Our qualified Alice Springs electricians can plan and install all electrical wiring. We also install all necessary surge-protection and safety switches to safeguard against accidents or power surges. We can design a wiring plan that not only meets functional requirements but is also suited to the architecture of your home. All electrical work is completed to current Australian safety standards.

For an estimate on your new home electrical wiring requirements, arrange a meeting with Baney Electrical Services.

Power Points

Faulty, damaged or outdated power points are unsafe for you and your family to use. At Baney Electrical Services, we make it easy to upgrade your existing power points. Our affordable rates mean you don’t have to put off installing new power points or replacing damaged outlets. Based in Alice Springs, our residential electricians carry a range of modern and classic power points in our service vans. For fast, efficient service, phone us today.

Safety Switches

A safety switch monitors the flow of electrical current into the home. These switches reduce the risk of injury, shock or fires related to electricity and cut the power within 0.03 of a second. In the majority of Australian states, safety switches are vital for new homes or where electrical upgrades have taken place. Baney Electrical Services can install safety switches for existing properties, as well as perform regular testing where the switches have already been installed.

If you are unsure if a safety switch is installed at your property, we can inspect the switchboard for you. We can also provide a quote for all new Alice Springs safety switch installations.

All Electrical Work

At Baney Electrical Services, our team cover all aspects of electrical work. We offer an affordable 24/7 emergency call-out service for breakdowns and electrical problems. Our electricians have years of experience carrying out lighting, wiring and outlet installations, as well as regular maintenance. We can install ceiling fans, home theatre wiring, exterior lighting, energy efficient LED lighting, smoke detection and alarm systems and much more.

When you need an Alice Springs residential electrician, contact Baney Electrical Services.

Data & Communications

Today’s homes require efficient data and communications cabling for reliable connectivity. With more people depending on their data connection for television, phones, alarms, home automation, internet and a host of other needs, quality data cabling is essential. Baney Electrical Services use CAT 5 and CAT 6 data cables to create single or multiple points of connection in your home.

We can effectively design and install data cabling for single or multi-storey homes, units, townhouses and villas.

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Air Conditioning

Baney Electrical Services can help keep your Alice Springs property cool. Our team has a wealth of experience when it comes to designing, installing and maintaining air conditioners. We can install ducted evaporative, split-systems and inverter units to ensure the most comfortable living space for your home, shop or office.

Deal with a team who understands the Alice Springs weather conditions. Speak to Baney Electrical Services today.

Air-conditioning Installations and Removal

We provide complete installation options for residential homes and units through to complete fit-outs for office blocks, sheds and shop-fronts. Baney Electrical Services ensure maximum efficiency from your air-conditioning unit to keep running costs low. When installing, we take into account your space, visual considerations and noise output. This ensures your satisfaction once installation is complete.

In addition to Alice Springs air-conditioning installations, we can also remove existing units. If you are upgrading to a new system, our team safely remove air-conditioning units from the interior and exterior of the building.

Air-conditioning Repairs, Maintenance and Servicing

Our experienced technicians can assist with all Alice Springs air-conditioning repairs, maintenance and servicing. We provide breakdown repairs and ongoing maintenance for all types of air-conditioners, including split-systems, ducted systems and inverters. Baney Electrical Services also provide scheduled maintenance for commercial units. We have the skills and experience to perform thorough checks and repairs to keep your air-conditioner in good working condition.

If you are experiencing problems with your air-conditioner, call us for fast repairs.

Inverter Split Systems, Ducted Evaporative Air-conditioners

Baney Electrical Service can supply you with affordable air-conditioning options. We are suppliers for Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Fujitsu air-conditioning units, with options for domestic and commercial properties. Our staff are happy to help you select the most suitable unit to match your space and living arrangements. We specialise in inverter split-systems and ducted evaporative air-conditioners, which are well-suited to the climate in Alice Springs and northern South Australia.

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