Switchboard Upgrades

Flickering lights and loss of power are key indicators of problems with your switchboard. These problems are impractical and can even be dangerous. At Baney Electrical Services, our qualified Alice Springs electricians can assist you with efficient switchboard assessments and upgrades.

Adding appliances to your home or office can place too much pressure on your switchboard. Many older buildings require a full assessment and new switchboard installation to be able to meet today's electrical demands. A switchboard upgrade may also be necessary where a safety switch has not been fitted to your system.

Baney Electrical Services can inspect your current switchboard and assess its maximum capacity. Our electricians can then recommend any necessary upgrades. We also carry out installations for brand new switchboards.

If you have any questions about our Alice Springs switchboard installation and upgrade services, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are happy to provide a free quote on all of our electrical work.